PlaceDashboard to provide journey analytics to Havering Council

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND (Jun. 5, 2020) – Havering London Borough Council has selected PlaceDashboard to provide insight and analysis of modal journeys made into the town centre of Romford.

PlaceDashboard will utilise its mobile data capabilities to measure the share of car journeys made into Romford town centre which are under 2km and 5km and where journeys originate from. Analysis of car park usage and journey flows through the town centre will be used to support the creation and implementation of a strategy where there is less car use, people walk and cycle more and air quality is better.

Romford is Havering’s largest town centre and is one of Outer London’s magor growth and regeneration areas with plans to transform the centre of Romford town centre providing a cultural space, new residential accommodation and office space. “PlaceDashboard was able to provide in depth analytics of car journeys and route corridors ” said Clive Hall, CEO of PlaceDashboard. “The delivery time frame for the study was within 10 workings days, impossible using traditionsl research methods, however utilising PlaceDashboard’s extensive GPS database the deadline was efficiently met”.

About PlaceDashboard

PlaceDashboard is the leader in location analytics using mobile GPS data. Our analytics reveal who your customers are, where potential customers come from what their needs and preferences are. PlaceDashboard measures the visit behaviours for over 1,900 town centres across the UK.

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About Havering London Borough Council

Havering London Borough Council area has a population of 260,000 and includes the town centres of Romford, Havering, Upminster, Hornchurch and Rainham.

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