PlaceDashboard’s LocationCanvas powers our technology. Our own precise proprietary location database delivers robust and accurate visit behaviours

Understand how real shopper behaviour footfall flows outside your retail locations, impact on store visits and sales

Already capturing location data in your app? Utilise PlaceDashboard’s LocationCanvas to understand the behaviours and preferences of your audience

PlaceDashboard provides BIDs across the UK with a reward and Loyalty app to increase shopper loyalty and understand shopper behaviour

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Place Database

  • PlaceDashboard’s LocationCanvas PlaceDatabase sets us apart from our competitors
  • We have deployed a significant amount of effort to individually build every location in our database, as we believe accurate place is the foundation to robust and trusted location analysis
  • Every retailer, retail park and point of interest has its own manually built geo boundary – ensuring we accurately capture every possible visit event. No inferred boundary algorithms for us!
  • LocationCanvas has geo boundaries for every city and town centre in the UK, including individual streets and shopping centres. Over 1,300 retail and leisure parks, every UK train station, 400+ cinemas and 100+ sports stadia and over 20,000 car parks, plus so much more…

Footfall Flow

  • PlaceDashboard’s LocationCanvas unique geo boundary creation of streets, car parks and shopping centres (see PlaceDatabase) enables you to analyse real footfall flow around your store locations by time of day and day of week
  • Use PlaceDashboard’s footfall flow to access the current suitability of existing locations and access potential locations based on measured footfall flow. Link how shoppers move from travel hub, to street, to shopping centre
  • Layer footfall flow onto PlaceDashboard proprietary shopper location behaviour insights, including audience characteristics, dwell time, loyalty, visit frequency and brand preferences
  • As we require no sensor technology, PlaceDashboard is able to benchmark any street or retail park in any town or city for any retail brand, restaurant or leisure occupier.Easily and cost effectively benchmark your own portfolio and compare against your competitors today!
  • Identify how physical world shopper location behaviour can impact store performance
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Location Data API/SDK

Do you have an app which already collects GPS data in the background or own a mobile survey app but have not yet switched on location tracking?

If the answer is yes, we can help you monetise this data, create new revenues and provide significant insight into your users.

Our API enables easy flow of your existing GPS data into PlaceDashboard’s LocationCanvas. We provide you back an aggregated view of how your shoppers behave in the real world including retail brand preference which is particularly useful when looking to increase the value of your mobile advertising inventory.

By deploying our Location SDK we help mobile research apps significantly enhance the value of the insight they provide back to their clients. Improve panel targeting and benchmark survey responses to real world behaviours. Our SDK is compatible with both iOS and Android with easy integration and low battery consumption.

All data collection is GDPR compliant with no personal identifiable information required or shared.

Reward & Loyalty App

  • PlaceDashboard is a UK leader in providing UK BIDs with mobile first reward and loyalty solutions – LocationSense
  • Provide tangible financial benifits to employees of BID levy payers or provide a town wide loyalty programme driving increased footfall to retailers, restaurants and leisure occupiers
  • The LocationSense platform helps BID businesses provide their shoppers and staff unique offers, increasing the loyalty of shoppers to towns and cities
  • LocationSense is a beautifully crafted engagement platform providing deep shopper insights. Track what rewards are redeemed, understand which customers are returning and identify those who need a gentle reminder
  • LocationSense includes the PlaceDashboard SDK capturing anonymised location data providing rich insight into the shopping behaviour of your town’s employees or loyal shoppers
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  • 1 billion data points

    Every month we analyse 1,000,000,000 continuous location data points across the UK

    1,000+ towns

    From Wick to Penzance, Aberystwyth to Hull, we know where and how people shop
  • 1,300+ Retail Parks

    We measure shopper visits, 24/7 for every tenant occupier on 1300+ retail parks

    200+ Brands

    We track, measure and rank performance for over 200+ retail and leisure UK operators

    Continuous Data Only

    No ad exchange data for us (it is only 1% useful for in-store visit measurement) - ours is all 1st party and continuous!
  • 1 Million GDPR compliant phones

    All our data is GDPR compliant and contains no personal identifiable information

    Geo Fenced Accuracy

    Every location feature is manually geofenced, delivering the most accurate store visit measurement in the UK

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