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Best Tenant Fit, powered by PlaceDashboard finds the most successul locations for over 1,300 brands
by finding the right volume and  types of potential customers living and working in your target
catchment area and matching these requirements to retail and leisure locations.



Tenant Mix

Is your retail mix as strong as it could be? PlaceDashboard insight provides the data to identify what tenants are missing, what the local market can support and compare the current offer to the preferences of the local community.

Tenant Retention

Tenant retention is a vital compenent of growing and healthy retail location. By understanding the preferences and shopping behaviour patterns of your local catchment you can help existing tenants to be more successful and ensure retailers are more likely to stay.

Tenant Acquisition

Attract successful long term tenants more quickly than ever before. PlaceDashboard’s ‘Best Tenant’ platform matches the best fit locations for over 1,300 retail, dining and leisure brands in the UK.

Location Performance

How is my location performing? Study any location or brand and benchmark visit volumes, visit frequency, catchment volumes and more.

Location Catchment

Rapidly understand if one of 1,300+ brands will fit the profile of your visitor catchment and which locations fit the visitor profile for the brand.

Top Tenant Fit

Stop massing marketing and focus on starting the conversions with brands which you know match the needs and desires of the visitors to your location based on real behaviour insight.

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Customer Profile and Behaviour Insights

Tenant Mix

Is your retail mix the best it could be? PlaceDashboard provides data driven insight to help Retail Agencies understand what types of consumers are interacting with their development and help attract retail, dining and leisure tenants that appeal to their customers and promote the success of existing tenants.

Benefits of PlaceDashboard:

  • Quickly identify and match the consumer preferences and retail demand of the local community to your site provision
  • Identify potential successful missing brands not available in the catchment area
  • Understand leakage to competiting locations/brands to help target campaigns to support existing tenants
  • Quantify the potential opportunity for the introduction of new categories and the extension of depth of choice for current categories

Tenant Retention

Tenant retention is the other side of the coin when it comes to successful retail locations and is cheaper and more beneficial over the long haul compared to acquisition. PlaceDashboard provides the data and insight to identify which tenants have strong future potential and which require additional support.

Benefits of PlaceDashboard:

  • Easily demonstrate your tenants location performance against the brand’s national benchmark indices
  • Study competitor locations to benchmark your sites performance trends
  • Provide the brand with local consumer visit share data compared to local comptitor brands
  • Have the required data and insight to prove your site is the right location for the brand now and into the future

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PlaceDashboard Shopper Catchment Behaviour
Top Retail Tenant Search Portal

Top Tenant Fit

PlaceDashboard finds the right shopper behaviour patterns to identify and measure the key characteristics required by each brand to be successful in a location, we do this by going beyond demographics and leveraging behaviour based consumer insight captured from billions of shopping visits.

  • PlaceDashboard analyses the visit behaviours over shoppers across 100,000’s of locations covering over 1,300 brands to identify and the measure the key location characteristics require by each brand
  • We match the required number of customers living and working in the catchment area to ensure you have a ‘successful’ location for the brand to succeed
  • Competitor locations and property drive times are applied which could impact negatively on potential visit behaviour
  • Co tenants patterns are used to identify potential uplift in visitors driven by cross shopping behaviour patterns
  • Your location profile is matched to every one of the brand’s existing location to determine how similar and indentify the ‘Best Tenant’ for your property

Location Performance

Use PlaceDashboard insights to study not just your own locations but also competitors’ locations. Compare potential brand based on visitors, catchment areas, visits volume and more. For the first time ever, you can have instant, data-backed intellligence on your competitors’ businesses.

  • Understand who is visiting a location and their retail and leisure preferences
  • Discover where else they currently visit and which brands they use
  • Analysis by catchment postcode to identify potential missing tenants
  • Measure passing traffic and journey intention and match to best fit tenants
Development Asset Performance
PlaceDashboard Town Centre Catchment Area

Location Catchment

Trying to determine if a brand will want to come to your retail location? Use PlaceDashboard to study the consumer behaviour patterns of every postcode outer area in the UK. Understand consumer profiles, where they visit and what brands are potentially missing.

  • Quickly identify for over 1,300 brands which postcodes are currently underserved
  • Accurately measure the area where potential customers will come from
  • Identify existing brand locations and the impact they will have on your site
  • PlaceDashboard uses real behaviour patterns to measure and accurately predict the success of your target brand for every development in the UK

Top Tenant Fit

PlaceDashboard creates a profile for each retail development and then compares this against 1,300 brand requirement profiles to establish how similar or dissimilar your property is compared to the existing brand’s network. Brands are then ranked compared to a ‘high match threshold’ which deems them a ‘Top Tenant Fit’ for your location.

  • Study which brands are deemed a ‘Top Tenant Fit’ for your location
  • Compare a brands fit, against competitor locations
  • Be confident the Brand’s profile matches your site visitor profile
  • Quickly exclude brands which have already met their indexed postcode conversion
  • Rapidly target brands with the Best Fit for your location

  • 1 billion data points

    Every month we analyse 1,000,000,000 continuous location data points across the UK

    1,000+ towns

    From Wick to Penzance, Aberystwyth to Hull, we know where and how people shop
  • 1,300+ Retail Parks

    We measure shopper visits, 24/7 for every tenant occupier on 1300+ retail parks

    200+ Brands

    We track, measure and rank performance for over 1,300+ retail and leisure UK operators

    Continuous Data Only

    No ad exchange data for us (it is only 1% useful for in-store visit measurement) - ours is all 1st party and continuous!
  • 1.4 Million GDPR compliant phones

    All our data is GDPR compliant and contains no personal identifiable information

    Geo Fenced Accuracy

    Every location feature is manually geofenced, delivering the most accurate store visit measurement in the UK

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