Track the performance of your portfolio including loyalty, dwell and visit frequency

Benchmark the performance of town centres, retail parks and leisure parks across the UK

Identify the locations and assets that match your investment criteria based on the actual location behaviours of real shoppers

Improve the tenant mix and usage, based on data captured from real shopper visits

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Portfolio Analysis

  • Measure the performance of your retail park portfolio using physical world shopper behaviour indices
  • Track shopper loyalty, frequency of visit, dwell time and real journey catchment areas on a monthly basis utilising the real behaviour patterns of over 1 million UK shoppers
  • Benchmark your portfolio against competitors using PlaceDashboard’s own proprietary performance index – LocationScore to aid comparison
  • PlaceDashboard provides eight indices which impact retail park performance, so you can now track shopper behaviour changes across your portfolio, providing actionable insight

Location Analysis

  • Understand how your retail asset fits within the local shopper eco system based on the real shopper visit patterns of your own and potential shoppers
  • See what is happening around your retail park including real journey catchment areas, competitor retail parks and competing towns
  • Now know where your shopper audience goes when not shopping with you. Identify how far your shopper are willing to travel to visit competitors and how often they choose to do so
  • This data is invaluable for vacant unit and leasing negotiations
Location Analysis
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  • PlaceDashboard provides the opportunity to analyse and benchmark the performance of over fifteen hundred (1,500) retail parks in the UK from your own desk
  • PlaceDashboard’s proprietary shopper footfall behaviour data, includes share of shopper visits for every tenant, share of total shopper visits made and actual real world catchment areas
  • Asset data includes square footage of retail park, full up to date tenant list,number of parking spaces, landlord, leasing agent and site map (including Google Street View link), plus real shopper behaviour heat maps
  • Benchmark the performance of every retail park in the UK using PlaceDashboard’s LocationScore and easily compare against competitors

Asset Management

  • Understand how shoppers use your retail park
  • Identify which retailers drive visits, average number of tenants shoppers per visit, how often shoppers come to your site and how long they stay
  • Quantify which retailers receive high, medium or average visitations. Measure category vs tenant usage.
  • Understand which retail brands your shoppers prefer that are not on your park, where they go to visit them and how often
  • Physical world shopper behaviour insight enables you to make informed decisions on tenant mix, site investment and leasing negotiations based on factual data not assumptions
Asset Management

Place Dashboard Features

  • Catchments
    Easily identify ‘true’ drive catchments calculated by analysing the actual shopping visits of 1 million UK shoppers. No longer use the artificial tool of time or distance
  • Shopper Preferences
    Track and measure which retail brands are visited when your customers are not shopping on you retail park. Data includes retail brand, store location and frequency of visit
  • Competitors
    Track and measure the performance of not only your own, but also your competitor”s portfolio or individual retail park anywhere in the UK, using easy to view/exportable data tables/charts
  • Interactive Maps
    Visually see how shoppers more around and interact when shopping on your retail park including heat maps, hotspots and movement flow tables
  • Reports
    PlaceDashboard can provide a number of bespoke reports including retailer gap analysis, competitor portfolios, location health and national brand performance reports
  • LocationScore
    LocationScore benchmarks the performance of over thirteen hundred (1,300) retail parks using proprietary shopper footfall data, deriving catchment size, loyalty, frequency of visit, dwell time and share of monthly shopping visits made
  • 1 billion data points

    Every month we analyse 1,000,000,000 continuous location data points across the UK

    1,900+ towns

    From Wick to Penzance, Aberystwyth to Hull, we know where and how people shop
  • 1,350+ Retail Parks

    We measure shopper visits, 24/7 for every tenant occupier on 1350+ retail parks

    1,400+ Brands

    We track, measure and rank performance for over 1,400+ retail and leisure UK operators

    Continuous Data Only

    No ad exchange data for us (it is only 1% useful for in-store visit measurement) - ours is all 1st party and continuous!
  • 1.4 Million GDPR compliant phones

    All our data is GDPR compliant and contains no personal identifiable information

    Geo Fenced Accuracy

    Every location feature is manually geofenced, delivering the most accurate store visit measurement in the UK

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