1st December 2020

Town Centre Visitor Beaviours
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Over the past few months, town centres have realised the importance of understanding where, why and when people visit town centres and even more importantly which businesses they are visiting.

So, in order to help town centres with their efforts, various different technologies have been released to track customer footfall. Town centres often measure footfall using tradition cameras or have deployed expensive WiFi systems supposedly to attract more footfall, but the real reason is to capture footfall data.

TownCentre.AI – combining machine learning, artificial intelligence and GPS data (known as predictive analytics) is far superior to these different technologies. With this technology, footfall for the entire town centre, every street, business, car park and green space can be calculated, in order to understand how vibrant and successful the town centre is.

But how can footfall and visitor behaviours be measured more accurately?

In short TownCentre.AI is already calculating your town centre data as you read this blog post! Want to see the data now? Simply click here TownCentre.AI and register for your FREE 7 day access pass.

Here’s how TownCentre.AI’s predictive analytics can help you track your town centre’s footfall and visitor behaviour patterns more precisely

  • Provides accurate footfall volumes for the entire town centres
  • Drill down into footfall for every town street
  • Measure how visitors use the town centre
  • Identify who is and who is not using the town centre by postcode

Provides Insights Footfall Cameras and Wifi Cannot

Predictive analytics technology allows town centres to analyse data in much more depth than other methods. It isn’t limited to just a footfall count either. Other insights include

  • Visitor journey origin
  • Dwell time
  • Visit frequency
  • Business visits
  • Loyalty to the town centre
  • Business category usage

It’s important to track visitor behaviour as it allows you to understand the impact of town centre investment including High Street Heritage Action Zone and Future High Street funding. By tracking the share of visitors coming from postcodes, this insight can give you an idea of how successful campaigns are in attracting new visitors. It will allow you to see which events not only increase footfall to the town centre but also increase usage of shops, restaurants and green open spaces

Produces Rich and Accurate Information

TownCentre.AI predictive analytics behaviour platform produces richer and for more accurate data than any other footfall counting platform. Methods such as thermal image trackers tend to create restricted, one-dimensional findings as they cannot distinguish the same person being counted multiple times.

Wifi systems can only count wifi enabled devices and not ‘extrapolate’ the data to provide a total footfall volume figure. GDPR rules now prevent the capture of home location data and movement heatmaps are restricted to basic hotspot ‘circles’ which bear no resemblance to the actual street map of the town centre.

TowncentreAI vs Wifi footfall heat map
TowncentreAI vs Wifi footfall heat map

Answers the ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions

More sophisticated use cases include assessing car park usage and how each car park impacts the usage of the town centre.  Track which streets are busy after 5pm, understand which businesses are being visited and benchmark against neighbouring town centres. This will then allow leisure business to target their campaigns to attract more footfall.

TownCentre.AI enables granular analysis of who is and who is not using the town centre. Identify postcodes where residents are not using the town centre. Target marketing campaigns and track improvements in encouraging new visitors to the town centre.

Understanding visit frequency is good, however identifying loyalty is even more valuable. Look at where your catchment is shopping and spending their leisure time. You can see what retail and leisure brands are available at preferred locations that will help you position your offerings in a more tailored way.

Ultimately this will help attract new visitors, encourage loyalty and create a vibrant town centre where people enjoy spending time

Measure Event Performance

Move beyond measuring the success of an event by simply counting heads! An events success is much more than this. Do more visitors use town centre businesses, has the event attracted a new audience and if yes, where are they from. Do all streets benefit equally or does the event have a negative impact compared to non-event days.

See How TownCentre.AI Can Help, Access your Town Centre footfall insight Now!

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TownCentre.AI is a UK wide footfall and visitor behaviour platform using machine learning and AI predictive behaviour technologies to accurately calculate the footfall for over 1,950 town centres across the UK.

Register at TownCentre.AI for a free 7 day access pass, to footfall and visitor behaviour for your town centre today!

  • 1 billion data points

    Every month we analyse 1,000,000,000 continuous location data points across the UK

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    All our data is GDPR compliant and contains no personal identifiable information

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    Every location feature is manually geofenced, delivering the most accurate store visit measurement in the UK

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