Measuring the success of High Street Heritage Action Zones

HAZ.AI is a platform that provides instant High Street Heritage Action Zone area footfall and visitor behaviour insights for all 68 High Street Heritage Action Zones. The product provides accurate footfall measurement at four levels; hertage action zone, town centre, street and business. Understand the changes in visit behaviours and how and why people are using the heritage action zone.

As no infrastructure is required, the performance of all 68 High Street Heritage Action Zones can now be measured and analysed through one platform. Local government, business improvement districts and key stake holders can easily understand how the heritage investment programme is positively impacting on town centre usage by residents living in local catchment postcode areas and/or visitors from further afield.

High Street Heritage Action Zone Footfall

Measure the footfall volume for the complete Heritage Action Zone geographic area. Identify trends in dwell time and visit frequency. As no hardware is required you are able to measure the changes in visitor behaviours across the entire High Street Heritage Action Zone

Street Insights

HAZ.AI provides a street heat map showing how footfall is distributed across the High Street Heritage Action Zone and the entire town centre. Streets, car parks and green spaces can be included. Easily export the insight as an Excel file.

Town Centre Footfall

Understand how the Heritage Action Zone is impacting on the footfall, visit frequency and length of stay across the whole of the town centre. Reflect how it has changed relative to March 2020. Understand how High Street Heritage Action Zone interventions, Cultural Events and seasonality impact visitor footfall.

Cultural Events

Analyse footfall volumes, dwell time and store/leisure visits during your events. Benchmark cultural event performance and identify who attends and where people originate from for each event. Track how often the same audience or coming to cultural events.

Visitor Origins

Discover where High Street Heritage Action Zone visitors come from by postcode outer area. Understand which are your ‘core’ footfall postcodes and track over time the share of residents using the Heritage Action Zone. Identify ‘tourism’ postcodes and use to target social media marketing.

Benchmark High Street Heritage Action Zones

The HAZ.AI platform includes footfall and behaviour insights for all 68 High Street Heritage Action Zones. Benchmark the performance of your High Street Heritage Action Zone by using a simple drop-down filter – easily select  up to five addition zones to be compared against in your dashboard. Create an unlimited combination of High Street Heritage Action zone benchmark reports.

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