How do I grow footfall?


PlaceDashboard can help you reach your town centre goals including encouraging more people to visit, encourge visitors to stay longer and come more often thus sustaining a more vibrant economy across the whole town centre.

Measure Footfall

Track changes in footfall to the town centre on a monthly basis. Identify how frequent shoppers visit and how long they dwell on a monthly basis.

Visitor Insight

Understand why visitors use the town centre and which street generate the most/least business visits. Track usage of independents which require marketing support.

Benchmark Performance

Compare your town centre visitor numbers, dwell time, visit frequency and catchment area against any town or city in the UK including all UK BID areas.

Movement Flow

Identify priority streets for Street Ambassadors by time of day. Track most popular/under utilised  routes travelled by pedestrians across all streets in the town centre.

Event Success

Understand which events have the biggest impact on attracting more visitors to the town centre. Measure dwell time, street usage and business visits.

More Visitors

Identify which postcodes catchment areas to target marketing campaigns in order to increase shopping, dining and leisure customers in the town centre.

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No Hardware

No installation and maintenance of  hardware required

Street Analytics

Analyse footfall, share of visitors and business usage at street level

All Areas

Measure all streets, car parks and outdoor spaces


Reveal in-depth insights into how visitors use the independent sector

Visitor Preferences

Identify where visitors go outside of the town centre

Travel Journeys

Track journey routes for walking, cycling, train and car

  • 1 billion data points

    Every month we analyse 1,000,000,000 continuous location data points across the UK

    1,900+ towns

    From Wick to Penzance, Aberystwyth to Hull, we know where and how people shop
  • 1,350+ Retail Parks

    We measure shopper visits, 24/7 for every tenant occupier on 1350+ retail parks

    1,400+ Brands

    We track, measure and rank performance for over 1,400+ retail and leisure UK operators

    Continuous Data Only

    No ad exchange data for us (it is only 1% useful for in-store visit measurement) - ours is all 1st party and continuous!
  • 1.4 Million GDPR compliant phones

    All our data is GDPR compliant and contains no personal identifiable information

    Geo Fenced Accuracy

    Every location feature is manually geofenced, delivering the most accurate store visit measurement in the UK

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